Hollistic massage


Things that I do before, during and after the massage for the safety of us all

  • Every day I take my temperature twice a day, and write that down
  • Before you come to see me I will open the window in the room for ventilation (I will close it when you come, unless you ask me to keep it open) steam clean the carpets and stairs, and clean and disinfect all areas where you might come, wearing gloves and mask.
  • I follow the Government guidance, which advises at this very moment to massage in full PPE. This means I will be wearing a visor, gloves and probably a mask. Do not worry about the experience of being massaged with gloves on. I have tried massaging with them on my partner, and he didn’t even notice!
  • As soon as you have left the house I will fold all fabric materials that were used or that you could have touched as carefully as possible and wash it straight away at 60°C+, open the window, clean and disinfect everything that you could have touched and where you have been and steam clean the floor and stairs again.
  • I wash my hands before I put on my gloves and after I have taken my gloves off.
  • I am not wearing an apron, but do change my clothes in a safe manner after every massage
  • After you have left I will clean and disinfect everything you might have touched and every place where you have been and ventilate the room.
  • There will be at least 2 hours between every client, preferably even 3 or more. I do not massage more than 2 people a day (unless from the same household).

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