Coming for a massage in times of Covid-19

Marton, August 2020

Dear Client,

I am very pleased to tell you that massage therapists are allowed to get back to work again! We are required to follow the government guidelines and I have made all the adjustments that were suggested by the GCMT (the Council for Soft Tissue Therapies) to keep everybody as safe as possible.

I am ready now to make appointments, but there have been some changes that I would like to inform you about.

What to expect?

  1. When you book your appointment with me I will first have to make sure that you are safe to massage, so I will ask you a few general health questions to see if you are safe. If so, we will book an appointment, and I will send you a questionnaire with some covid-19 related questions and a consultation form to fill in and send back to me before the appointment.
  2. Shortly before the appointment (preferable the morning or evening before) we will have a short distant consultation (by phone, or if you prefer by video call) instead of the usual talk before a session. If you haven't had time to fill in the forms I can do that on our phone consultation and ask you to sign it when you come here.
  3. If you filled in the forms yourself, please print and sign them and bring them when you come for your massage.
  4. You can book massage sessions of 30 minutes (£30), 45 minutes (£40) or 1 hour (£45). Longer is not possible at this moment.
  5. Payments will have to be done in advance and can be done by bank or via PayPal.
  6. Before you come to see me I would like you to take your temperature. If you have a temperature above 38C please cancel the appointment (there will be no costs for that)
    For your reassurance I am regularly checking my own temperature and health.

For more information about what to expect when you come for your massage, look at What to do and expect when you come for your massage?

Useful to know:
I massage in full PPE, meaning that I wear at least a visor and gloves. But don’t worry; Being massaged in gloves is not unpleasant – you will barely feel it. (I tried it on my partner and he couldn’t tell the difference!)

I want you to feel as safe as possible. If you want to know more about how things work at the moment, what to expect and how I try to keep my practice as Covid-safe as possible, you can either contact me at
07537 853866

Facebook: Vital Massage Marton/Vitalmassagewarwickshire (link?)

Looking forward to seeing you again soon!
Warm wishes,


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