Hollistic massage

What to do and to expect when you come for your massage?

  • We will have our consultation by phone or conference call as shortly as possible before you come to see me

Before you come to me, check:

  • Do you feel safe? (If not, please do not hesitate to call me if there is anything you want to ask, say or discuss.)
  • What is your temperature?
  • Do you have your water bottle?
  • Have you paid?
  • What can you leave at home? (try to bring as little as possible)
  • Have I said everything I wanted to share? If not, call me now or tell me in the door opening. (We have to try to talk as little as possible when inside)

What happens when you come to see me:

  1. Ring the doorbell (which has been sanitised). Don't use the door knocker.
  2. When you come in you will be asked to clean your hands with hand sanitiser.
  3. Please put on your mask when you come in and walk up the stairs. You might want to take off your mask when in the practice room.
  4. There will be a tray/box down the stairs in which you can put your keys, phone and other things you won't need upstairs.
  5. Although everything has been sanitised/disinfected, please try to touch as little as possible when you are inside.
  6. Put your clothes, belongings and shoes on the indicated shelves and box.
  7. When you get off the table after the massage, do not tidy or help to fold up towels. Put on your shoes, clean your hands and leave your mask on until leaving the building.
  8. You can throw disposable things in the bin at the entrance.
  9. Try to talk as little as possible. I personally find this the hardest thing to do, but I promise I will still give all my full and caring attention to you when massaging.

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